Michael Kraft


Musician, Sound Engineer, Software and Embedded Delevoper for Audio, With an ever growing passion for AI

Sobre Michael Kraft

My career started in the mid-80s as musician, sound technician and music producer for TV adverts in Berlin, Germany. Having a background in digital electronics, I soon discovered I could use my skills creating useful apps and devices. When in the mid-90s the first DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) became publicly available, my second career started to take off for real. Since then I earned good money developing quite a number of software and devices for several companies in the audio related industry. Well, most of the time the already initially flawed ideas of my employers caused about 80% of these developments to end up in a drawer, never making their way to the users. Had they listened to their well paid developer? Of course not! Luckily, in the last two decades the industrial process of creating innovative electronic devices has seen a constantly ongoing democratization. Today even a single person can engage in a development-project that only two decades away would have needed a company to risk a major investment and an entire team of specialists to finish the task. And exactly here I see a a strong possibility for a small team of innovation-driven and highly creative professionals to take the decision-making in their own hands and to re-innovate the market. It is necessary, and it is what I want to do.