Profesional designer and amateur underwater photographer.



Sobre nachogil

I think that a designer is a problem solver, not an artist, not a guru, not a visionary, just a problem solver; someone that must understand the problem to solve, the goal to achieve, the context, the audience, the resources and the timing. I've been defending for the past 16 years this way of understand the design, and I continue believing in it. By this way to understand the design process and my hard and direct way to work I built a reputation as focussed professional, someone that like Mr Wolf, manage your problem and produce a quick and satisfactory solution in the minimum reasonable time to do it; usually leading highly complicated projects, trying to match users needs and business objectives. I have built up a wealth of experience in UX. I 've played a leading role in various ground-breaking projects with some of the main corporations and government agencies in Spain. My background includes project management, service design and strategic product design. However I am also specialized in digital product conceptualization, user centered design, usability, accessibility, branding and user research, and during the last years I have led various relevant and successful projects in the areas of Banking, Telco, Media, Insurance and Financial Risk Management. Probably my mixed skills of design, Master in Marketing or professor in an International Business Management school, have converted my professional profile into a singular one, halfway between design, strategy and business. Through these years the result of my work have had a measurable and real impact over different companies: reduce support costs over a 50%, increase commercial leads over a 200%, produce 300% more users registration, gain 2 millions access to digital services, etc