Ooopart is an experimental studio specialized in Data visualization, Parametric and Interactive Design and Digital Manufacturing



Sobre Ooopart

Ooopart is an experimental studio that works in the production of physical and digital reactive artifacts to analyze, represent and transform people´s living landscapes, as didactical interfaces. We are specialized in emergent technologies such as Data visualization as a means for exploring and communicating all sort of information, Parametric and Interactive Design that give us an innovative perspective to approach each digital process with precisión, both optimizing shapes to specific variables and making them responsive to their environments and Digital Manufacturing which materializes non-standard geometries by the latest industry technologies. We consider an ongoing research on the cutting-edge techniques we work on essential to develop our professional practice, organized around Academic, Services and Projects work areas. The studio’s approach is characterized by the hybridization between engineering capabilities (accuracy, optimization and data) and cultural/artistic ones (creativity, experimentation and knowledge generation), developing projects where new technologies are put creatively to serve current social needs.