Paul Mato


A passionate guy trying to make some positive impact out of my time


Sobre Paul Mato

Last years I've been working mostly on financial and insurance services for some of the big majors allowing me to have a deep understanding not only on what is traditionally being done but envisioning what it is about to come and disrupt the market. Managing the whole process from problem identification to final implementation we’ve worked on several areas such as transactional banking design, new business models, big data, open banking or even projects that are not directly related with what a traditional bank is meant to do like Human as an API. Apart from this area of expertise I've been both working and researching on sectors like health, education, energy or smart cities among others that is inherently related to trending fields like IoT, wearable tech and the quantified self and in a higher level, how people interacts with technology. I would love to share my vision about these different topics with anyone that could be interested in. I am a deep believer that a good design research is the best starting point for a project. I do like to apply ethnographic studies, Design Thinking and other creative problem solution methodologies to help companies improve their relationship with their customers, employees or somehow, even operations. I feel the confidence that only by going deeper into real situations we can design a service or product that is timely and strategically sustainable under a brand approach. As personal skills I would go for that cliché of great team worker, but at least in my case I have to assure that this is not cliché, believe me that going from a design research phase to implementation needs a great team to manage. I do like to understand the projects as a small startup involving the whole team on the whole process of designing the service or product.