Pierre Frohlich


My name is Pierre, I am founder and sole director of PF17 limited, I am an inventor with background in engineering, civil engineering, lands


Sobre Pierre Frohlich

Born in France to a German father who was an accomplished civil engineer and my mother a farmer’s daughter gave me the passion and patience for nature as I grew up on a rural village surrendered by farms. My French side encourage me to ask “why” and “why not”, my German side “look, think then do”. My father installed in me from an early age technical and engineering in curiosity, understanding, rigour and discipline to strive to improve on how products work mechanically or otherwise. After completing school, graduated in civil engineering in construction and materials, large buildings, tunnels, bridges and general infrastructure, I then went on to study architecture in France from foundations to wallpaper specifications. Before I became self –employed and relocated in the UK, my careers includes 5 years in civil engineering, 2 years as designer in a commercial joinery and carpentry company, 4 years as concept designer, negotiating prices with suppliers, responsible for producing technical drawings and specifications for large scales schools, hospitals and restaurants projects. Since moving in the UK, I have been working on a range of civil engineering and landscaping before I launched my business as landscape gardener going back to nature which I love and respect. For the past few years in my spare time I have used my skills in design and my knowledge of engineering and mechanics to design a range of bespoke technical product to client’s specific briefs to make my job and my client live easier