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Clarion Venture partners (CVP) is an angel fund company focused on IT solutions & services industry. CVP is a part of Clarion technologies which was founded in the year 2000. We have been in the industry for the past 15 years. In the initial years, we were primarily focused on web solutions & software testing as a service. Over a period of time, we started investing in other technology areas like cloud, mobile solutions, Business intelligence and analytics. Instead of creating separate business units, we started different companies from scratch. These companies have their own set of expertise including cloud, Business intelligence & analytic, mobile solutions. We are looking to expand and for new opportunities , so we came up with a partner program to collaborate with like minded individuals who believe in collaboration to increase the business. We aim at building either of the 3 kinds of relationship with our partners. • Channel Partnership : Companies that want to resell, market and deliver the CVP services and solutions. • Technology Alliance Partnership : Companies that have their own products/solutions and they want to integrate CVP solutions and services to deliver enhanced value to their customers. • Strategic Partnership : Companies who sell and manage service and share a common vision and passion towards growth. CVP will provide Technology assistance as well as Sales and marketing support to find out new opportunities. Through CVP program, We collaborate in variety of ways from the delivery perspective