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Sobre We Speak Webish

The business will trade as We Speak Webish, and the platform is formed for web services development and delivery by contractors operating under one roof. The online services to be offered include: • Web design (graphic, programming, etc.) • Content writing. • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) • Internet marketing. • Applications. • New technologies & updates • Web mastering. On screen request for service forms have been designed such that users can specify, in plain English, their requirements. They will not be required to have technical knowledge or vocabulary to complete the form. With the use of suitable algorithms, the requirements will be compared to the skills and experience of the contractor list and a short list of suitable contractor selected. These contractors will then be invited to submit a price and the user will then select his preferred bid. It will be possible for the user to select more than one specialist for various parts of the project and all concerned parties will be able to liaise on matters pertaining to the project through back office features. Contractors will, therefore, be able to discuss the necessary interfaces between them, without going through the client such that the project is completed with the minimum of effort from the client. Essentially the user will be able to secure multiple services and expect and receive the advantage of various specialists liaising with each other as they would if they were employed by one organisation. In reality, such an organisation would be overhead heavy and hence unable to offer the prices quoted by We Speak Webish.