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Sobre Roberto Moya

User Experience Designer & Front End Developer with 6+ years experience, Mobile & Responsive Web Design, Motion Graphics for New and Ongoing Startups. So you need an all-around someone who can take your ideas from scratch to design, then prototype, then to web development across all devices, app design and create motion graphics for your customers on how to get involved. Send me a message. -To Create intuitive, simple, and beautiful designs that delight users.- Responsive, Fluid and/or Adaptive Web Design, UX Prototyping and Front End Developer focused in on Users and Mobile First Development. Portfolio at www.behance.net/RobertoMoia Most Used Tools : After Effects, Illustrator & InVision for Prototyping, Photoshop CC, HTML5 ,CSS3, Javascript, Wordpress, Sublime Text, Github, Node.js, SASS. Specialties: -Responsive Web Design -Prototyping -User Testing/ Customer Journeys / (Mobile First Development) -Front-End Development -Digital Photography -Web and Apps Design