Samuel Ordieres


CEO & Founder @ Blunder. Founder @ Freehouse.es. Emprendedor nato.

Sobre Samuel Ordieres

Since I was young, I lived a lot of changes in my live: homes, schools, sports... Most people doesn´t like this kind of live, but I love it! I met a lot of people and discovered a lot of cultures. When I was 24 I discovered Additive Manufacturing at the University. This discovery open a new world in front of my eyes. I always be a "life-entrepreneur" but, additive manufacturing makes me a "business-entrepreneur". At the age of 25 I founded my first company about additive manufacturing with three more partners. At the age of 27 it was closed. This experience, far from make me fall, made me stronger. I continued my education in the areas of web programming and after two years of study and storing ideas, I started working at Freehouse as entrepreneur and some months later I was one of the six founders of Freehouse as a entrepreneurs house company. Nowadays I am the CEO of Blunder, the [un]knowledge management system for companies based on a mobile game, and one of the most succesful companies of Freehouse Group.