Sergio Cerro


Software Developer and Scrum Master Certified. CEO At Mimento. Bass Player and Music Lover.


Sobre Sergio Cerro

Technology is a good way to make our life easier. I've always thought the software has an important artistic side in which developers take an idea or a concept and make it real. I started programming software in 2004. I’ve colaborated building enterprise software to companies such as Hertz©, Banesto©, Volkswagen Finance©, Vodafone©, HP©, Vital Dent©, Ibermutuamur© and others. From the beginning, I was interested in Java/J2EE corporate architectures, that's why I decided to get the Sun Microsystem Official Programmer Certificated in 2008 at Sun Microsystem. I get the CSM (Certificated Scrum Master) at Scrum Alliance in 2010. In 2014 I founded Mimento, a Startup to print the photos you have in your devices and social networks and receive them by post everywhere you are. Mimento allows to companies to publish their products in those pictures the users develop.