Sergio Gómez


Una vida dedicada a la sonrisa, a mis niños y al rock and roll


Sobre Sergio Gómez

I've been developing web applications from 1999, leading development teams from 2005, and using Ruby and Rails from 2008. I've been working with many web related technologies, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, jQuery, Zurb Foundation, Git, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Node.JS, Python, PHP... and now I'm starting to use Docker to manage my own PaaS for my applications. I've been working at Eprinsa - Diputación de Córdoba from 1999-2013. On 2007, I cofounded and worked at Win Inertia, global leaders on energy storage hibrid. On 2014 I've cofounded QuaiP, a technology startup specialized in VoIP solutions, audio/video streaming and advanced cloud infrastructures, with David Muñoz @dperilla. Nowadays, I'm developing imput.io, a web app to easily manage your work time, a great project by develRock. I'm currently living in Córdoba, a pretty city from Andalucía (Spain) that you should visit any day. On 2005, I cofounded Cordobapedia, the first (and greatest) spanish wiki of a city, with Alfredo Romeo @aromeo. Last, I play the guitar and background vocals in a spanish rock band, Jose Rockalcohol.