Solomon`s Farm.


Providing unique solution to unsatisfied, ever increasing market demand.



Sobre Solomon`s Farm.

I am the founder and owner of Solomon`s Farm. This is an Agribusiness venture based in Africa, Kenya. It involves horticultural farming and selling the farm produce in the ready and established market. The demand for these horticultural products continues to rise and the existing horticultural farmers have never been able to satisfy this demand. This has created a ripe opportunity for me to do business. I have gone right ahead to ensure that all the arrangements, compliance and preparations are in place. Contract farming is also in place. The main customers are Hotels and supermarkets. This project will also create employment opportunities to local communities. On the management team, plans are already in place to hire very competent managers who have made great achievements in recognized companies and are willing to offer their firsthand experience in this project and drive it into an Agricultural Farm. The planting season is now due. I am therefore confident that what is required right now is funding. The required funding is GBP 180,000. I request to transact in sterling pounds and quick closing to catch up with the planting season.