Spencer Tasker


I solve problems of all kinds

Sobre Spencer Tasker

Having started studying medicine I ended up graduating equal top of my class in Economics. Since I knew nothing about IT at that time I naturally landed a job at an IT start-up and within a year was managing the development team. My next stop was the world of corporate IT from which I graduated into running my own practice designing IT systems for WestLB, JPMorgan, BP, SwissRe, Lloyds Banking Group, Thomson-Reuters and Barclays Investment Bank amongst other blue-chips. From 2008 I spent 5 years promoting a development project in the South Pacific. Combining agroforestry and biofuels manufacture this project awakened the idea in me that sometimes it is easier to solve 2 problems together than individually, an insight which underpins my current initiative in Israel. I have an extremely diverse background, both in terms of intellectual and practical experience. Consequently, I have qualifications in Economics, Politics, Cognitive Science and Egyptology, have met with Prime Ministers, Heads of State and top-tier UN officials but what I do really well is analyse problems to bits, think creatively and solve them.