Tania Saez


I growth-hacked european-leader-position startups and now funding mine :)

Sobre Tania Saez

My passion startups. My challenge turn them from a baby to an adult, to put in other words, to growth hack them nationally and especially internationally (I am trilingual French-English-Spanish) Type of startups: Next Generation E-commerce/social shopping/impulsive-emotional products. However, I am also interested in startups (with great ambition) out of this business model. NOW developing my own start-up since end 2016, 80 Days: It is a next-generation e-commerce new brand that sells clothing using unique fabrics all over the world and produce them in Europe handmade in small units and in limited units. I am now looking for financing from mostly business angels and accelerators. If you are looking for financing a promising startup at seed level with a sound team or if you just think that we have something in common, just shoot me an email, I will be very happy to have a chat with you :) tania.saez.forcada@gmail.com AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Entrepreneurship – Growth Hacking – Internationalization of start-ups – Social online acquisition (Facebook ads, Twitter ads...) – Product Development – PR/Press/Influencers Management – Team Management - Trilingual French/English/French and studied and worked in 4 different countries