Thomas Mulvihill


Industrial Designer, Plastics Manufacturer, Marketer and Serial Entrepreneur.


Sobre Thomas Mulvihill

Designed and developed products for hundreds of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies for thirty years. Designed the Zayak Sea Sled for my Grand Children's visit to Siesta Key Beach in sunny Sarasota, FL. It was such a hit on the beach that we decided to produce them in the thousands. We have sold the Patented Zayak Sea Sled into 21 countries. As an unintended benefit, we find that people in cool and cold weather climates also love the Zayak Sea Sled because it keeps their upper body out of the water and reduces fatigue and hypothermia. Local boaters and jet skiers can see you better then conventional snorkeling equipment, keeping you safer and more comfortable. The truth is that most people, men/women/children, are just not comfortable floating face down, semi-submerged, in deep water while breathing through a snorkel and clearing a leaky, foggy mask. With the Zayak, you face never is in the water yet you get the very same view as you would with conventional snorkel gear.