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The Executive MBA programme is aimed at professionals with a minimum of 8 years’ work experience who want to advance in business management and administration in senior management positions in companies that place a high value on specialization in areas or trends of rapid growth. To meet this demand for new profiles and managerial specializations, the UOC Business School presents three two-year programmes, based on the Executive MBA and that cover three different manager profiles: - International Executive MBA - Executive MBA e-Business - Executive MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation COMMON CONTENT ACROSS ALL THREE PROGRAMMES All three programmes share the contents during the first year, the participation in the Business Week and the advanced strategy simulation and the coaching in the second year. Throughout the entire programme, students work on contents with a distinct strategic orientation geared towards decision-taking and the development of managerial skills. The Business Week consists of an on-site week in Barcelona, featuring lectures, visits to businesses and seminars and practical workshops on networking and personal development. The advanced strategy simulation in the third semester consists of a competitive business simulation. The coaching is given by a prestigious coach and runs throughout the second year. Each of the modules that forms part of the learning pathway includes the development of a specific managerial skill and/or ability in its credits. By way of example, the following managerial skills will be developed: conflict resolution, motivation and communication, talent management, change management, social responsibility, negotiation, customer orientation, teamwork. SPECIALIZATION CONTENTS In the second year, students work on the specific specialization contents of each of the programmes and the Final Master’s Degree Project (FMP), while developing managerial skills such as emotional intelligence, creativity and change management. Depending on the chosen specialization, the contents and the aims developed, in the third semester they will be geared towards global business, the internet or innovation. The final master’s degree project will run throughout the second year and will be geared towards the chosen specialization. Academic aims and skills common across all three programmes: - To develop and promote strategic thought and integrate it in all the areas and businesses of the company. - To acquire criteria to be able to understand and take advantage of the evolution of markets and improve the ability to operate effectively in a diverse and global business environment. - To promote critical thought, acquire a core of knowledge of the functional areas of the business and learn to use the analytical instruments that help in decision-taking in a complex business world. - To discover the models that favour management excellence and the implications of new organisational forms, and to develop organisational skills that help put new policies into practice efficiently within the context of the organisation. - To develop leadership skills, teamwork and supervision, and effective communication skills. - To understand the strategic nature of innovation and technology and to develop the ability to use them as effective management instruments. - To integrate corporate social responsibility management in the strategic sphere. WHO IS IT FOR? Studying on the Executive MBA programme enables students to undertake senior responsibility tasks in company management. The programme is aimed at professionals with a minimum of 5 years’ work experience who want to advance in the area of senior management. It is specifically aimed at: Company directors, Business unit managers, Line managers, Functional managers, Technical professional profiles with general management vision.