Vanessa Retter


I'm a married mother of two with a passion for creativity and to impact the world around us. I truly want to leave my mark on this earth!


Sobre Vanessa Retter

As a mother I've wanted more for my kids, like most parents do. I want them to be well rounded individuals. I've spent a lot of time creating a brand that helps grow children into well rounded teens...adults. As a Customer Service Manager I've seen that service makes or breaks a business. As a Marketing Director, I've seen that people want to be WOW-ed. Having a good product is not enough. The story is what sells a product. The story of Rookie Brands is one that gives kids a platform to perform, to become a better version of themselves, it helps them find their passions. If I would have had the opportunity to cook at 8 years old, I wouldn't have had to wait until 30 to learn I like cooking. Rookie is the next step...