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Sobre Comunitats

Comunitats it´s the first timebanking network focused in Education and Entrepreneurship fields. Time is an invaluable resource as it cannot be manipulated or recuperated. All people, with their diverse life experiences have knowledge, valuable to the ones that lack it. These two resources combined empower people from any walk of life to collaborate on various projects and initiatives. At Comunitats, we use the power of technology to offer a network of collaborative online learning platforms based on the time-bank philosophy. By bringing education communities together to collaborate, we help them develop their ideas, improve their grades, spread their wisdom, grow in community and advance society as a whole. The Comunitats platforms are destined to everyone who needs to improve their knowledge in any field, wherever they are in the world. By joining Comunitats, members can see all the existing communities, find the skills they need in any of them, globally, and make the exchange using a democratic, owned-by-all “currency”, the time. Members can also create their own timebank around a specific interest and foster knowledge exchange within it. Group leaders create time banks for their organizations (high schools, colleges and universities) to tap into the pool of community knowledge, and facilitate the growth of collaborative projects. The time bank administrators, getting access to a “skills map” of the community, can also use this information to improve their offer within the organization. Our idea comes from giving value to a common asset that everyone has, but generally undervalues or disregards: their own skills in a variety of particular fields. We empower people to see the value in their knowledge and use their time to pass it on to the ones who need it for their growth. Technology helps our product be truly global, allowing people to share their skills across the world through the online time banks.

Datos Comunitats

Fundacion Spain, April/2010