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What will you find at Campus? A Campus Cafe: Entrepreneurs can work (for free) at the Campus Cafe. Fast wi-fi, a bustling energy, and lots of like-minded founders make the Campus Cafe a great place to have a meeting, work for the day, or meet people from the tech community. Local coffee experts run each Campus Cafe, selling fresh coffee and healthy food options to fuel great work. Coworking Space: Each Campus has a beautiful workspace with desks, private offices, and conference rooms for individual entrepreneurs and to growing startups. We partner with existing coworking organizations which manage the coworking space and rent space on a short-term or long-term basis. Community Event Space: Each Campus features a large event space, which is in nearly constant use. This event space is a community asset: anyone can apply to host their startup event there at no cost. We also host our own programs (like technical speakers and our Campus for Moms program) in the main event spaces. Classrooms & Training Rooms: Education is critical to a thriving startup community. Campus has classrooms for entrepreneurs to attend trainings of all kinds. We also offer these spaces to accelerator groups to host their curriculum. Community Partner Offices: Campus is a central hub for the local startup community. Partners including local accelerators and global startup organizations often maintain offices at Campus, where they can be close to the heart of the local startup scene and meet with entrepreneurs daily.

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