The affordable MBA for busy people. The only high-quality, flexible and decently priced 1-year MBA program



The Lean MBA is a 1-year online program that allows you to master the art of business by spending 15-30 minutes/day and only 290€ for the entire program. Classes start every month.
Study business administration across 12 functional areas:

1. Entrepreneurship
2. General Management, Leadership and Strategy
3. Marketing & Sales
4. Human Resource Management
5. Operations Management
6. Business Law & Ethics
7. Finance
8. Accounting
9. Information Technology
10. Economics & Statistics
11. International Business
12. Project and Quality Management

Who is the Lean MBA for?
- for people who can’t afford a traditional MBA
- for aspiring entrepreneurs, to be able to make better business decisions
- for traditional MBA candidates, to get the most out of their investment
- for engineers, to gain the required skills to become a manager
- for employees who want to better understand how a company works
- for people who want to boost their business skills and show their commitment to improving themselves is also a great success story and has attracted more than one thousand students from 53 countries in the first 2 months, mainly by word of mouth.

If you are a professor or expert and share our vision to offer an affordable, high-quality education, contact us!
Organization founded in Spain. Since September/2016. STARTUP phase.




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