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Award-winning Los Angeles based mobile app development agency specializing in custom web and mobile app solutions.

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Business Name : Neon Roots Neon Roots is a digital development agency that's upending the traditional model. We've worked with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Tony Robbins to no-name kids from Idaho with nothing but a great idea, and we consistently help our clients raise millions in funding, touch millions of users, and succeed in the long-term. Our CEO, Ben Lee, founded Neon Roots after working in a traditional development agency and seeing that the model was broken. At his old agency, Ben realized that because dev shops bill for time, they're incentivized to keep clients in the development cycle as long as possible, ultimately creating bloated apps with extraneous features that aren't necessary for users. Our pre-product workshop, Rootstrap, changes all that. Rootstrap focuses on validating the core concept and testing the app with users before writing a line of code, aligning incentives to create a lean, effective MVP before wasting money on expensive, unnecessary features. Rootstrap participants leave with a clickable MVP and a step-by-step development roadmap, giving alumni everything they need to raise funds and build. Alumni include Snoop Dogg and Tony Robbins, and the workshop boosts alumni's chances of funding by 2,600%. 6521 Maryland Dr. Los Angeles CA 90048 https://www.neonroots.com hello@neonroots.com (310) 907-9210

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