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Revuptics is a conversion optimization agency on a mission to make it simple, effective, and affordable for online businesses to get additional value out of their websites. Our diverse team of experts relies on advanced analytics, marketing automation, and website personalization tools to simplify and speed up the communication process necessary to set up successful marketing campaigns. Our proprietary work process places advanced digital strategy within the reach of individuals with no substantial digital marketing expertise, and reduces the costs of increasing website ROI for businesses of all types and sizes. My clients are enthusiastic and loyal to my service, because I do more than just provide recommendations or test different ways to stop an online business from leaking revenue. I offer an honest, transparent, one-stop-shop service where I fully manage myself and all other freelancers necessary to execute my vision for your business. As a Marketing Strategist, I work with clients in various sectors on leveraging the power of digital marketing to drive growth, engagement, and revenue generation. Together, we conceive and execute strategies aligned with my clients’ wider business and marketing-specific goals & objectives. I have vetted, battle tested, and nurtured working relationships with dozens of amazing designers, developers, copywriters, and highly specialized marketers - the best the web has to offer. I don’t have employees. I lead a vast network of top-notch experts who respect me and each other enough to pull their resources together and cooperate to offer a better service for our clients. My peers and I are remarkably proactive and will do everything necessary to make sure that your business is as successful as it can be. So whether you’re looking for someone to empower your in-house team or an independent to conceive & execute your entire digital marketing strategy, I have the skills, expertise, and network of talented experts necessary to take your business to the cutting-edge level of effectiveness & prosperity. Specifically, I can help you: ------------------------------------------- - Perform in-depth, lab-based consumer research and competitor analysis, - Identify your business objectives, - Define Key-Performance-Indicators( KPIs), - Test website usability, - Perform a full website and online infrastructure audit, - Audit web analytics, - Heat-map mouse activity and survey key visitors, - Set clear conversion and performance goals, - Develop short-term and long-term conversion optimization strategies, - Optimize specific landing pages and your entire website, - Set up, test, and optimize eCommerce Google Analytics, - Optimize your lead nurturing, sales, & checkout funnels, - Reduce shopping cart abandonment, - Optimize your message and persuasion architecture, - Perform online, split, A/B, and MVT testing, - Manage design and development of the perfect content to engage your visitors, - Implement all necessary analytics, personalization, testing, and marketing automation tools, - Test and optimize visitor engagement, and as a result rev up your ROI. I am here to help, so the more information that you can prepare in advance, the better I’ll be able to help you :)

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