wAxe is a simple solution for managing complex specifications

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wAxe is a solution aimed at the manufacturing and production industry that uses welding at its core. It partially substitutes welding engineer on several tasks, at the same time it simplifies work on documentation gathering. According to research, it could save up to 75% of welding engineer's time, hence reduces the cost of operation for the company. Potential market is about 500,000 industrial companies worldwide and it is still growing. According to research, there is also a growing need for such kind of a software on the market. At the same time, competitors do not solve the issue of substituting welding engineer - the one that wAxe does. At this particular moment, the service is ready to be used. We began preliminary sales in Estonia, mainly using direct calling strategy with no additional marketing. We prefer not to start sales outside of Estonia until we've raised money for the proper marketing campaign (there is an explanation for that and it will be discussed during negotiations). At the same time, there was a genuine positive feedback from vast majority of the companies that have seen the product. Some of them got positive feedback from their headquarters in Nordic countries, which means that there's interest outside of Estonia as well. There were several sales and few clients are still in the middle of negotiations. We need to raise 400,000 EUR for the sound marketing campaign that will give us a jump-start. We expect income after 5 years of operation to be 55,942,619 EUR. The rest is being discussed in the business plan that we are glad to send to any investor that is interested in taking part in this project.

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Fundacion Estonia, April/2017
Estado Startup

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