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People say 2PS is the Uber of Consulting. But in fact, we are more than that! 2PS is a platform that enables independent consultants to work with each other, not compete. Becoming stronger together, they advise all types of organizations - with superior quality than large consulting firms, but at a more reasonable price. Our secret ingredient is collaboration. Our network members are rewarded when they pass the baton! Thanks to our intelligent matching platform, we provide our clients on-demand access to teams of experienced business professionals offering a wide variety of consulting services. Hire experienced consultants, coaches, mentors, specialists and experts you need for short-term engagements. All this, plus our state-of-the-art technology, and minus the overheads of large consulting firms or the complications of auction-based marketplaces. Perfect for any business with any need!

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Fundacion Canada, September/2015
Estado Startup

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