Medical diagnosis scanner for in-vivo breast biopsy. Determine malignity without piercing the skin.


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VirtuaScan is a diagnosis device for early detection of breast tumors, able to determine its malignancy without extracting any tissue. A biopsy is a diagnostic test in which a small tissue sample is removed and examined with a microscope, looking for cancer. A virtual biopsy aims to get the same result in-vivo causing no harm. Our device uses a combination of infrared lasers and high-precision sensors, generating realtime 3D images of the breast tissues and showing them in a screen. Suspicious spots are analyzed by a custom artificial neural network to determine its malignancy. There's no need to extract any tissues nor piercing the skin. No cuts, no needles, no ionizing radiation, just innocuous infrared lasers. Quick, accurate and comfortable. Contact at: info@3diag.com

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