Ads-Fi offer Free Wireless Internet to your customers and it provides a way to interact with them through social networks.



Ads-Fi is an Intelligent Marketing tool, specially designed for commerces, merchants, restaurants, pubs, hotels and hospitals, among many others, which are interested in promoting their brand, products or services through a Free Wi-Fi network.

Ads-Fi provides a way to interact with your customers through social networks, broadcast promotions and special offers, making it possible to improve customer engagement and quality of service.

We also offer a way for Advertising and Marketing agencies to integrate to our platform cloud services and help manage their campaigns, so they can access to a selected target of customers according to their business needs.

Ads-Fi aims to become the first massive marketing channel for companies through an innovative network of wireless services, helping to bring the customer and the commerce more closely together. And in the “mean time” offering all our users an access free wireless connectivity.
Organization founded in Venezuela · Spain.


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