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AICO Technologies is one of the leading companies in home automation and IoT technologies

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AICO Technologies is one of the leading companies in home automation. Founded in 2014 by a group of young ambitious people in Singapore with the target to combine the advantages of Internet of Things and Cloud-Computing and make them everybody available. Through the complete vertical integration of hardware and software development we are able to guarantee our customers best possible quality and service. We call our self a company driven by corporate value. High objectives and creativity with flat hierarchical levels engage us to integrate every member of our company in the process of reaching our targets and success. During the last 2 years this kind of working style has led to many milestones like our successful Kickstarter campaign for our new product “Smart Egg” which we finished with over 2000 backers in spring 2016. For the 3rd quarter 2016 we are planning to launch the product for the international market.

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Fundacion Singapore · China · United States, April/2014
Estado Startup

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