Algae based wastewater treatment process contractor




Algaesys Ltd, created in early 2016, is process contractor delivering our new proven algae-based treatment for municipal wastewater.  A European patent application is in progress.
The process offers lower capital cost (25% less) and operating costs (up to 80% less) than comparable, conventional technology.  It is Robust, reliable, and simple to operate; has a Low carbon footprint.
The key people have more than 70 years of combined experience in the water and wastewater treatment business.
Positioned ideally for addressing the smaller community wastewater treatment needs of southern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East where treatment is currently not meeting the European Directive and/or there is a high demand for water reuse due to water stress. Uniquely, the process provides innate disinfection, permitting treated water reuse, critical for these water-stressed areas.

Market investigation indicates that in the target markets within southern Europe there are more than 6,000 wastewater treatment facilities not meeting EU Directives. This represents a total market value of more than € 4 billon.

The business plan and financial projections indicate that ALGAESYS needs less than 1.5% of this market in 8 years in order to meet targets of capital investment repayment and reserve provision.
Organization founded in Italy. Since July/2016. STARTUP phase.


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