A multi-nodal itinerary builder that let's you budget, book and have authentic local experiences.




The travel market is already congested to a tee, when it comes to gathering travel inspiration, accumulating holiday information, and when it comes to flight & hotel bookings. The trend is also shifting towards tailored holiday plans and varied choices in local activities & tours.
The average traveler still visits at least 5 websites a day and opens a minimum of 23 tabs in their browser, just to plan one average holiday. Budgeting for the entire trip is still a job for a pen and a piece of paper. At the same time, an average holiday hardly gives you the opportunity to tour with a local or experience home-cooked food in a foreign country.

Altertrips is trying to address a couple of gaps that have remained unaccounted for:
- budgeting in real-time, for a whole itinerary, by meticulous planners
- the authentic experience of local activities, events & cuisines

It lets you plan your vacation on a platform aggregated with local experiences, while sticking to your budget at the same time.
Since October/2015. 3 employees. IDEA phase.



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