App Radar is an unique app store optimization and app publishing tool for Google Play and Apple App Store




App Radar is an online tool that helps app developers understand and optimize their app store appearance. It comes with useful keyword tracking & research functionality and is the first tool that lets them publish and manage app store listings for both Google Play & Apple App Store in one place. It lets app owners use the full potential of their app to get it to more users.

App Radar is thrilled to offer an all-in-one app store marketing solution to take app store optimization to the next level. The tool, therefore, consists out of two modules, each concentrating on app publishing and keyword tracking functionality.

App Radar ASO Tool gives daily information about app store rankings based on your keyword set. It helps app developers understand if and how their app can be found at the app stores. It furthermore sends you daily or weekly keyword ranking reports via Slack and/or email to easier your work.

Track & monitor the performance of your app in app stores
Easy competitor ranking comparison
Most accurate keyword rankings on the market
Check popularity and ranking metrics
Get keyword suggestions and trending keywords
Daily or weekly ranking reports via Slack and/or E-Mail

The App Radar Publisher is a platform to prepare, optimize and update app page metadata and assets for both, Google Play & Apple App Store. It was developed to save valuable time when managing app store listings for various apps / games in several languages and stores. 

Smart screenshot upload & automated sorting
Easy management of store listing localizations
Quick editor for metadata changes in several languages
Easy metadata version control
Translation requests management for cooperating with translators
Release preparation independent from development
Built-in ASO ranking insights for keywords
Organization founded in Austria. Since November/2015. PUBLIC phase.



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