All-In-One Appbuilder with AppEditor, Messenger and Cloud




APPbyYOU is a Tech Startup since 07/2012. Founder Thomas Teufel (CEO) and Co-Founder Willi Pasternak. Seed investment 0.8 Mio EUR. Now we are in the VC-Round with target 10 Mio EUR. 

Our product the "App-Framework" is offered in three types of solutions to different target groups. The first type is the "All-In-One Messenger", which everbody can use. This is so simple to use to create an app directly on your smartphone with standard app templates. The second type is the "AppEditor" to create individual apps. These are mostly used by it specialists or marketing designers. The complexity to create these type of apps takes normaly 1-2 days using PC or laptop. The third type of appis the "Appbuilder" for industrial apps.  The apps are created mainly used in HMI (Industial Solutions), M2M or for statistical purposes.  In the future the control of machines is app based.  The control for key performance indicators for the management is accomplished through industrial apps using a tablet so that one has an overview of their entire smart factory.
Organization founded in Germany. Since July/2012. 6 employees. STARTUP phase.


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