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For the ears - and what´s in between: highly innovative audio devices and musical instruments

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We are in the middle of creating an innovative portfolio of groundbreaking hi-tech devices for musicians and sound engineers. Our first product, the V2I, a handheld novelty device, is now ready for testing. Prototypes can be shown. The V2I transforms your singing voice into any musical instrument you can imagine. It is amazing to see how somebody only by singing - in a totally intuitive manner - instantly is able to play a musical instrument. Actually ANY musical instrument! First showings of our prototypes to a selected group of professional musicians, DJs and in a music school, caused very positive and enthusiastic reactions from all participants. These future clients also showed a (very assuring) acceptance of our price idea for the V2I. The V2I has (yet) no serious competitor! Already in 2013 we have filed a technical patent to protect the idea. An additional patent is in preparation. For further developments of new devices, we are planning to file another 4 patents within 2015. Our clients are in first place professional musicians and sound engineers, but also amateurs and music teachers/schools. The high USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of our products is the vital ingredient for the privileged starting position of our enterprise. It is not about fighting off our competitors, but to circumvent them elegantly by being a pioneer, creating trendsetting and creative novelty products. A first pre-sales crowd funding campaign is planned within the 3rd quarter of 2015. Distribution of our products will be done mainly by selling directly via internet. But of course we are also open to explore the more traditional ways of distribution, where useful and applicable. We are open for investment and calculated to need a total amount of 180.000,-€ over the time of 2 years to be able to penetrate the international market. The brake-even is expected to occur sometime between 2017 and 2018. Being half Germany- and half Portugal based, we are looking now in both countries to find the right business angel for our project. But we like to travel and to move, and are open to go to find the right partner also anywhere else.

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Fundacion Portugal · Germany, January/2013
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