Medical robotic solutions that are efficient, straightforward and doctor-friendly.



Neurological and mental disorders are one of the most burdensome groups of diseases for healthcare systems, both in terms of number of patients and of the costs of their treatments, imposing enormous costs on society as a whole: as much as 8% of GDP in advanced countries, 37% of which are direct health treatments costs. A third of world health expenditure is caused by these diseases, more than the combined expenditures in cancer, diabetes and coronary conditions. And growing! Our approach, a diagnosis platform named OSCANN™ that combines the analysis of ocular and oculo-cepahlic movements (OM/OCM) with data obtained from other sources (clinical histories, medical explorations, complementary trials and biomarkers) through the use of AI techniques, will improve significantly the quality of medical judgements in early stages.
Organization founded in Spain. Since August/2015.


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