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Today, one of the biggest causes of accidents in logistics is tire-related, accounting for 30% of all. Not only that, with the rise of autonomous driving, accidents are expected to occur more frequently due to 24-hour operations compared to the current 8-hour operations. Let's face the truth that there were more than 388,000 truck accidents solely in the United States in 2022. However, there was no solution to address such an issue and it is clear that a new way is needed. At BANF, we are contributing to a safer era of autonomous driving and logistics ecosystem by providing tire healthcare and road condition information through real-time tire data using an adaptive algorithm, wireless communication technology, and a 3-axis accelerometer sensor. Not only BANF provides ultimate safety from road and tire defects, but our system improves by up to 20% in fuel efficiency and up to 50% decrease in tire wear. And this helps from autonomous driving trucks to trucking operators to save their most precious asset which is human life and time/productivity.

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Fundacion South Korea, December/2020
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