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We're making bicycle rental easy: hire quality bikes from hundreds of our partner stores easily through our site.

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Cycling should be simple and accessible, wherever you want to ride. That means one platform on which to hire bikes - from a choice of the world's best shops, and no more hours spent working out what is available and trying to book. BICILET Bike Rental provides an easy means for cyclists to search and find stores across Europe offering the right bike rental for them - and book immediately. It also enables rental stores / bicycle shops to reach thousands more customers than they would otherwise do. We're not targeting the same users as standard city-bike share schemes, but rather the quickly growing number of people looking for a good quality bike (be it a city / road / mountain or hybrid bike) that they can use on a holiday, wherever they are. Get in touch if you would live any more information!

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Fundacion United Kingdom, February/2017
Estado Startup

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