Machine Learning made beautifully simple. A company-wide platform that runs in any cloud or on-premises to operationalize Machine Learning i




BigML offers a highly scalable, cloud based machine learning service that is easy to use, seamless to integrate and instantly actionable. Now everyone can implement data-driven decision making in their applications. BigML works with small and big data.

machine learning can be used to analyze and predict:
✓ customer behavior, to increase customer loyalty
✓ site visit behavior, to increase site conversion
✓diagnostics, to support in health care, hardware maintenance and many other area's
✓risk profiles, to process loan applications
✓stock levels, to optimize supply of goods
✓and many, many other applications, where finding patterns in data creates new insights and using those patterns to predict creates new value.

Our service is simple to use. You don't have to be a expert to benefit from machine learning technology. Just upload your data and start exploring.
Since April/2011. GROWTH phase.


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