diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for the immunological clinical management of kidney transplanted patients


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Biohope products cover two unmet clinical needs: a) 50% of transplanted kidneys are lost during the first 10 years because of chronic rejection in spite of using immunosuppresor treatment for their entire life; b) 1/3 of transplanted patients die because of complications derived of the induced immunosuppression to prevent rejection. Biohope is currently developing two products: 1) DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE for: a) The early identification of patients at risk of chronic rejection, enabling the clinicians to make early decisions on therapy adjustment to avoid graft rejection b) The early identification of patients under feasible immunosuppression reduction, enabling a gradual reduction and even withdrawal of immunosuppression 2) COMPANION DIAGNOSTICS bioassay to support clinicians in the determination of the optimal combination/posology of immunosuppressant drugs Biohope products have also potential application to other immune-based diseases like reumatoid arthritis, lupus and other

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