Bitsol Telecom Ltd

We are an IT & Telecom full supply, Install & maintenance provider




The IT Director is an ex submariner with the highest UK security clearance, Microsoft Red Hat & Cisco certified.
The Sales director has 32 years experience within the Telecommunications industry with 10 years as a re-seller working with Openreach, Talk Talk, Gamma Telecom, Metronet & other market leaders. 
We have already taken on a number of SME customers with basic IT & Telecom as Bitsol Telecom is a new start up, however, we have a strategic alliance with a national charity to build an online commercial business network not yet seen within the UK.
There is also an order pending with a FTSE 100 company with the prospect of an ongoing relationship.
We have brought together the combined IT & Telecom skills that todays market need. Most of our competitors are an IT business trying to be a Telecom business and vice versa.
We need funding to develop our unique Business Charity solution work in progress, as an appplication
Organization founded in null. Since October/2016. STARTUP phase.


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