The global professional driver service.



Every day Blacklane connects thousands of passengers with a vast network of licensed and insured drivers. We offer the most reliable global professional driver service at the most competitive rates in 50 countries. Blacklane’s five-star service combines multi-lingual, 24/7 customer care, real-time service control for tens of thousands of quality cars, and all- inclusive fares guaranteed at the time of booking. Passengers can schedule a pickup using Blacklane’s website, iOS app or Android app at the touch of a finger.

Blacklane was founded by Jens Wohltorf and Frank Steuer in 2011. As frequent travelers, they saw a need for a single global professional driver service. Their vision was a smarter way to book and manage rides - something affordable, reliable and efficient. In 2013, Blacklane achieved a global presence by expanding from 30 to 130 cities. The company launched New York in July and Palma de Mallorca in December, completing its ambitious ‘Mission 100’ goal of expanding its service to 100 new cities in 100 days. That growth led to Blacklane partnering with some of the world’s largest travel companies, like Amadeus. The result is that professional drivers can be reserved as easily as flights and hotels on consumer and corporate travel websites. Our team is global, with over 150 people across 30 nationalities, speaking over 25 languages.




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