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Blunder is de [un]knowledge management system for companies. Until now, it was very difficult for companies to detect gaps in ther employees' knowledge, training or communication. Some of the problems companies have are: - Companies doesn´t know, what their employees know and doesn´t know. - Employees have to know a lot of technical info about products and procesess. And there are a lot of new products every day. - Face training is so expensive when you have thousands of employees. - E-learning have very low numbers in engagement and finishing. In Blunder, we use a mobile game based in questions and answers to detect the gaps and to solve the problems. With all the data we collect from the quiz games, we obtain a Knowledge Map, and we can plan new specific games to solve the knowledge gaps. In other hand, due to the algorithm we use to fix the knowledge in the long term memory of the players, each player learn at his own speed.

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Fundacion Spain, August/2015

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