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Industrial waste water treatment and emergency oil spill response

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BMG Intepco is looking to commercialise an innovative solution for industrial waste water treatment and emergency oil spill response - biomicrogels. Biomicrogels are nano-scale particles that have unique properties of covering oil with elastic and firm membrane as well as precipitating metals through ion exchange. These contaminant temporarily obtain gel structure and can easily be removed or skimmed from water. Biomicrogels are derived from pectin and cellulose and as such they are completely biodegradable. Besides, they are very efficient (have fast reaction time and can achieve very low concentrations of contaminants); economical (can clean oil in one go and can be re-used up to five times - collected oil can be separated and re-used too!), enhance H&S (encapsulated oil does not catch fire). The project received a Horizon 2020 grant from the European Commission and was noted at Falling Walls (Berlin, 2014), CleanTech Open (2014) and SLUSH (Helsinki, 2015).

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Fundacion August/2012

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