Sobre Boatjump

Boatjump is the easiest and most complete online platform for renting boats Worldwide. With a database of 5.000 boats, customers can search, compare and book their boats at the best rates available. This challenged entrepreneur project was set up in 2016 in order to resolve the following problems: 1. The process for searching, comparing and booking a boat in the Internet is slow and complex. 2. The client hardly knows the final price and the real location of the boat. This market place basically connects people that want to rent a boat with boat owners and boat agencies, brokering in between. Our adding value is connecting these people on a quick, simple and intuitive way, always presenting final and comparable price. The project has a lot of potential and scalability. At the moment, it is being accelerated by Lanzadera. During the first 10 months, Boatjump made sales by 500.000 € (85% in Med. and 15% in Caribbean). Boatjump has a high cash generation since month 1, therefore 75% of the cost for Year 1 has been self-financed. For more info, please see www.boatjump.com