Business Intelligence for Motion Picture Research and Evaluation



In the past years, motion picture research and profitability evaluation haves become increasingly complex, due to rapidly growing data sets and a massive absence of automated processes. Boxoffice Metrics addresses this issue by combining a comprehensive motion picture database with sophisticated learning algorithms, which allows our clients to make quicker and smarter investment decisions. Our goal is to become the world-leading provider for data-driven insight in this field.
Boxoffice Metrics addresses the needs of 40.000 companies worldwide, which constantly need to make investment decisions in a € 92B market. Founded by industry expert Max von Olfers and IT professional Marc Hammerschmidt, our service is currently being tested by 50 users. 15% of them are using Boxoffice Metrics on a regular basis. The official market entry is anticipated in Q1 2015.

Boxoffice Metrics combines comprehensive data from trusted providers, with our own highly advanced analytics. This enables our customers to make informed investment decisions, resulting in increased ROIs and lower risk. Furthermore, we reduce our customer’s workload in terms of necessary research and reporting, from days to hours.
Organization founded in Germany.



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