Bugaloop digitize the driving lessons and schools sector.




Bugaloop digitize the driving lessons and schools sector.

To offer users a platform where everything they need for preparing the driving test is available.   We offer an intelligent platform for the theoretical test provided with an specialized methodology and syllabus, with an outcome of 85% of students passed. At the same time, we publish all prices that the field is offering for driving lessons and we make possible on line purchase in real time depending on the user's interests. 
Bugaloop is the first compare and search engine for driving lessons, which shows results per price, time and available place offered by driving schools close to the user's area and also, driving schools by postal code, all this in real time-   
Bugaloop enables price transparency in this field and apart from making possible to purchase driving lessons in real time, it offers a theoretical and intelligent platform. 

One of our value propition is to allow the students setting a rewiews about their exoerience about the driving school, so in the platfor, bugaloop, the companies will  compite both, quality and Prices.

Our business model is based on raising revenue through supplementary training opportunities in theoretical training and through a commission obtained from purchasing driving lessons, plus income generated by advertising.
Organization founded in Spain. Since February/2015. 3 employees. STARTUP phase.




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