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Browse We crafted a catalogue of the best products in the market, ranging from Smartphones, to MacBooks, Headphones, Cameras, Gaming Consoles and more. If you don’t find your favorite product in our catalogue, simply make a request, and we buy it for you so you don’t have to. Order Place an order and reserve your product. We don’t charge before we ship the product. It normally takes 3-4 days to ship. Send Back or Switch Send your product back or switch at anytime when you don’t need it anymore. No hidden fees. No upfront payments. Pay month by month. Purchase and keep If you decide to keep your product permanently, we make it easy for you to purchase it. We credit 30% of your monthly payments towards purchasing your favorite products. You can choose to use the credit immediately, or accumulate credits from all your orders for up to the end of the respective year.

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