Cabture is an ad-tech company, focuses its business activities around the transportation, being especially active in taxi industry.


Cabture is an ad/data-tech company, founded in 2014 in Amsterdam. It focuses its business activities around the transportation, being especially active in the taxi industry. Through its product, Cabture engages, entertains, and informs travellers. Data collected and analyzed by Cabture allows taxi organizations to allocate their resources more efficiently. Increased service quality and additional features help taxi companies with acquiring new customers and differentiating themselves on the market. Applying cutting-edge technology in public transportation and taxis turn them into gateways for data-driven communication. Our “CabTab & Wifi” solutions connect passengers and provide insights, entertainment, personalized offers and more. Processing of the Big data and further integration helps to apply the machine learning to easily predict the consumer behaviour, also the data-driven advertising ensure targeting the appropriate passengers at the right time and place. By using a Screen&Wifi digital technology in transport places to forward information as well as collect data about the visitors. Highly digitalize and data-driven screens will revolutionary change the visitor's experience as information will be customized and easily available. Purchases and payments will be enabled through the use of mobile/NFC payment solution. An interface on which the screens and routers are running is data/content aggregator displaying public and touristic information and offers based on location-proximity and time. Also connecting venues and institutions with their visitors pre-post and during their journey: e.g. Hotels that can thanks their guest for visiting, or airlines that give their passengers the possibility to perform an online check-in while they are on their way to the airport and giving that specific traveller advice/direction on how to reach their gates the fastest. Saving the passenger time and preparing them for their destination and at the same time reducing overcrowding at the airport check-in counters.


Fundacion May/2014
Estado Startup

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