Carriots is a PaaS for IoT projects. Provides reliability for big projects. Ready to use accounts and private cloud solutions




What you can do with Carriots:
- Collect & store any kind of data from your devices
- Build powerful applications with our SDK engine
- Deploy and scale from tiny prototypes to thousands of devices

How you can do it
- Connect any device to Carriots; you only need Internet access
- Send your data to our REST API; its simple, secure and standard
- Make it smart using our SDK; Java scripting power at your fingertips with Groovy
- Access, integrate, manage and make it really powerful combining it all

Lots of use cases:
- Smart Cities
- Energy sector
- Logistics
- Smart agriculture
- Smart buildings
- and many more!

Current real projects:
- Pozuelo Smart City: Parking, Lighting, Parks & Gardens and Energy efficiency
- Smart metering Enel Green Power and Gas Natural Fenosa (energy production)
- Early flood detection in Colombia (Nariño)
- Smart agriculture, wine sector
- Water quality in Chile
- Undisclosed project with Mahou San Miguel
- Connected toy (undisclosed)
- eHealth (undisclosed)

Executive summary:
Carriots is squarely focused on selling PaaS in the M2M/IOT application ­enablement space. Can run on either public or private cloud infrastructure, depending on the solution requirements. The company achieved its breakeven point this year, and is tracking to grow revenue at 100%+ over the next year.  Is open to 'any and all' propositions to help build scale into its operations, including taking on venture capital.
Just closed a series B funding with Agbar (Suez) and CDTI in june 2015.
Organization founded in Spain. Since December/2012. 15 employees. GROWTH phase.




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