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Chess Live gives people a place to play and learn chess and take profit from all the benefits that chess has in real life.

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Chess Live is an online chess system that allows any chess player to play against others around the world for free. In addition, in Chess Live, all chess players have tools to start to play or to improve their strength. All with a just simple goal: Make that the world can learn and enjoy chess, as never before. The main purpose of Chess Live is offer chess to the world, in a free, open and accessible way, to people from any country, sex, age, etc. Furthermore, Chess Live offers the opportunity to meet friends or share experiences and acknowledgements, while learning and enjoying chess, one of the most useful sports for a multitude of aspects of life.. And, Chess Live pursues an aim even higher than the above mentioned one. Not just that a chess player could learn and enjoy chess, but provoke that new people could get interested in chess too, allowing them to take advantage of the huge practical benefits of this sport - concentration, motivation, intelligence enhancement, prevention of brain degenerative disorders....

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