Cherimoya Liqueur CHIRY


Cherimoya Liqueur with high amount of fruity pulp from The Tropical Coast of Granada-Málaga (Spain)



Sobre Cherimoya Liqueur CHIRY

WE ARE IN A VERY SPECIAL AND EXCLUSIVE PLACE OF ANDALUSIA. The scenic beauty and subtropical climate of Andalusia brings millions of tourists every year. Despite holding reputation as a vacation hot spot, the Andalusian economy relies also heavily upon on its agriculture. Our production process, from planting the seed to bottling the final product, starts and ends in Andalusia. We stick by our purpose, so we’ve teamed up with our local bottling company has project partner. Our delicious cherimoya liqueur will come to you in their high-quality and artistic glass bottles – all at a reasonable cost and true to our mission. We’re creating a new liqueur from cherimoyas, a tasty fruit native to the Andes, for fermentation into a fruity liqueur using eco-friendly, organic produce techniques. Grown along Spain’s Costa Tropical, our cherimoya liqueur keeps the fruity pulp and can be served as a delicious aperitif, complementing dessert sauce, or mixed into a fresh and fruity cocktail. The cherimoya pulp is used in the distillery with the greatest care to achieve the smoothness and creaminess that characterize it. Chiry Cherimoya Liqueur is produced by a patented process, which guarantees total customer originality. TASTING NOTES The Chiry liquor has the taste and texture of the fruit as the main protagonist. The aroma is strongly fruity and tropical. It tastes sweet, generous, with personality but without fanfare. Outcrops own palette flavors of ripe cherimoya with softness and elegance from white to pink due to the special maturation that this fruit has. Its mouthfeel is velvety and turgid. It is a very pleasant experience both as to swallow mouth, forcing us to take another sip. The so unique creaminess that owns the Liquor Chiry is 100% thanks to the fruit it has. Having pioneered a new category of liquor fruit creams. Maridaje Combines perfect with dessert or working as a tropical fruit salad or special smoothies. Liquor Chiry comes in a 700ml bottle designed with great care and with a ranking of 17 °, which makes it perfect to take alone, with ice or as an ingredient in cocktelery.

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