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The people who know the best of a city are the locals and the travellers. We called them as “chiefs” and started our story… Discover the cities, meet with chiefs, read their articles, send a message to them! Citiletter is a travel-based friendship app where the culture, agenda, urban problems, places, tastes, and events of the cities are handling via articles written by chiefs of the cities. Travellers, students, interrailers, bloggers, tourists, researchers, and citizens meet together here. A chief writes about own cities to pass on to future generations. Because there are millions want to know these. And they help you plan your next trip by use of self-experiences via articles, comments, and private messages. Our main goal is to bring together all those who have the spirit of love for the cities. People who want to plan trip generally find typical information about cities. There is no option warmheartedly to help them. Citiletter provides so many special experiences that handle by locals and travellers to them. Also, visitors and citizens can set communication each other. We are available in Belgrade, Serbia / Berlin, Germany / Florence, Italy / Istanbul, Turkey and Kyiv, Ukraine as yet! Also, everyone can prioritize his or her city as a next destination if he or she applies to becoming a chief on the menu of app Chiefs don't have to speak English well. Citiletter also gives an opportunity to make a practice to growing their speaking skills for all beginners. DOWNLOAD NOW! IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/citiletter/id1262600696 ANDROID: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=citiletter.com FOLLOW US https://citiletter.com http://facebook.com/citiletter http://twitter.com/citiletter http://instagram.com/citiletter http://linkedin.com/company/citiletter

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